Core Services

At Toluca Lake Optometric Center, we believe that yearly comprehensive eye exams are fundamental in maintaining healthy and efficient vision. We aim to prevent eye diseases, therefore preserving sight. During this exam, we check for your most up to date prescriptions and can have discussions about what specialty lenses may work for your lifestyle. Following the prescription check, we ensure healthy ocular anatomy. We do this through many different images and looking with our own eyes. We will discuss any treatment plans needed for your specific eyes and go over the best timeline for when we should see you back.

If you are ever interested in incorporating contact lenses in your lifestyle, we can help! If you are new to the contact lens world, we begin by training you on how to put a lens on and take it off. Once the lens is on, we verify the best vision, fit, and power. We send you home with trial contact lenses to make sure they are clear and comfortable in the real world! We can get contact lenses in almost any shape, size, and power. No need to worry if you have astigmatism, a large prescription, or even if you need bifocals!

Our amazing opticians are here for you! Frame selection can be daunting. We will make sure your frames fit your face shape and will work with your specific glasses prescription. Glasses are more than a medical device, they are like a piece of jewelry for your face! We believe that you should love the way you see AND look. You can stop in any time we are open without an appointment to be fitted!

Glasses fall out of adjustment with wearing. We have many tools to make sure they fit and are aligned. This is important because not only will it be more cosmetically appealing, but you should be looking through the center of the lens for best vision. We are also able to make many repairs in the office. That is something we can let you know if you bring any frames you own in with you to your next visit!

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